Manufacturers Represented

Belder  Tool  Solutions  Inc.  represents  prominent  and  solutions  driven  manufacturers that are committed to providing innovative solutions and effective results to   industry.  Our aim is to bring the products and services provided by selected manufacturers to  industry in partnership with an qualified,  well‐trained and active distribution network.  


E-Z Burr offers patented deburring tools that are designed and manufactured in the United States. Their deburring tools offer unique features such as front and rear hole deburring in a single pass, quick and easy blade and insert replacement while the tool remains in your machine, and easy adjustability of their insert or blade. E-Z Burr can also customize a tool to meet your specific deburring needs. 


JEI Drilling and Cutting Solutions, known as JEI, are a British company specializing in manufacture, supply and maintenance of portable magnetic drilling machines, annular broaching cutters, pneumatic drilling systems and  distinct metal fabricating equipment 



Family owned and operated since 1940, Melin Tool began as one of the early manufacturers of end mills. Today, Melin Tool continues to be a leader in offering an ever-expanding product line of our high quality end mills and other cutting tools such as our new countersinks, drills, thread mills, and other high performance and specialty tools.


North American Tool is a tap designer and worldwide industry leader

creating top-quality cutting tools including special taps made of high speed steel (HSS), carbide, particle metal steel (PM) or high-speed steel ‘exotic’ (HSSE) to create the most durable cutting tool available so it can stand up to their customer’s demanding requirements.


 For over 125 years, Osborn has been providing customers with expert-level, application solutions. They are a global leader in surface treatment and finishing solutions with a variety of brushes from coarse,  steel-wired Tufbrushes to flexible, Novoflex honing tools. In addition to brushes, they also produce high quality abrasives and buffs and Load Runner idler rollers.


USA made Premium plug and ring gages - Plain steel, Chrome, and HSS TIN coated for exceptional gage life,


REGO-FIX is a Swiss manufacturer high‐precision tool clamping systems with the best  T.I.R. on the market.


 For more than 70 years, Royal Products has been designing and building precision high-performance tooling and workholding products to help manufacturers maximise the performance out of their machine tools.


Tri-Angle Precision Reamers has been manufacturing high quality reamers since 1989 and has established itself as a recognized leader in the reamer industry. Their specialized product line includes a large inventory of standard diameters in both High Speed and Cobalt, as well as custom ordered manufactured specials.


Whitney Tool is recognized as a leading manufacturer of Woodruff style slotting and keyseat milling cutters, Counterbores, Counterbore pilots, T‐Slot, dovetail  and other specialty milling cutters including  combined drills and countersinks.